Yet another first post

Yet again I have been inspired to start blogging. New blog. Yup. I have created many blogs–can’t even count. Probably more than 10. Why am I blogging? I think it’s just to write this time. And my first blog, which I created a long, long time ago, actually focuses on that objective.

There probably are hidden motivations in starting a blog again. I can name three. One is to improve my communication; writing more makes you better at communicating with other people. Another is that I am thinking of going to graduate school, for research/academia, so being a great writer and communicator would be very helpful. Lastly, I just want to examine my life. I’ve been thinking lately about this quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I want to know more about myself; I want to be aware of what I am thinking; I want to look back on these entries and say, “Those were the times of my life.”

So there you go, my first post. Another first post.


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