Two midterms and a 10-minute post

I have two exams today: Russian Literature and Persuasive Communication. I finished my Russian Lit exam over an hour ago. I don’t know if I did very well. One thing I worry about is the essay part–we had to write two essays about the works (“The Overcoat,” “The Queen of Spades,” and Crime and Punishment). Dang I should have watched the Russian movie I found last night. I didn’t read the ending so I didn’t know what it was–and it turns out to be one of the essay topics (I wrote about the ending very vaguely). So yeah, probably didn’t do well. I am not expecting a great result in my communications exam by the way (it’s in 30 minutes). I didn’t really study at all. I’ll forget what contents are in them, etc. etc. etc. I am still struggling to make the best of my writing. I need to do more reading. I want to read more. With all the time limits for my assigned readings that I do somewhat like, I don’t really get to enjoy what I read. So yeah. Is it ten minutes yet? Nope five minutes more. I feel so dumb, with these small and very basic words. I feel inarticulate and just not smart. Yeah. not smart. I don’t know. I guess stress factors into that. But anyway, I think I’m up for a good weekend. I am going to West Virginia with my family. It turns out that my mother fainted somewhere last–I don’t even know what day it was. Anyway, she was rushed to the hospital, and I only knew about this yesterday, when I called her. I feel quite bad, not only for that reason, but for the reason that I made her quite angry last week. I must be a terrible son. Am I? I don’t know. I don’t know.Anyway, back to worrying about my next exam.

Ready, Set, Done


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