Out of Breath: Weekly Review

This week began with worrying about midterms and is currently ending in a more relaxing way. I had three midterms this week, one in which I am very certain of having done well (which is great, considering that the class counts for my major). Nonetheless, even disregarding how much I’ve done on the other two, with those done, I can finally breathe again. Tomorrow, I will be participating in a community service through my church for the first time; in particular, I will be helping “winterize” a church community garden. I am pretty excited! After that, my family will pick me up for a weekend in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where some family friends from Florida are currently staying. So, overall, this week, though it was a bit hard at first, got better and is still getting better. Definitely looking forward for this weekend.

Out of Breath


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