Before 2015 began, I could not think of a resolution, until it dawned on me that I have been working on a (morning) routine for Spring semester.

Here’s what I have so far:

1. 7:00AM-7:15AM
Wake up and Meditate
Recently, with all of the stress coming from school and work, I have been trying to meditate regularly. (Yup, reality hit hard this semester.) First, I’d stay in bed for so-and-so minutes, then meditate by just lying in bed and closing my eyes and using the “Welcoming the Day” meditation from the “Stop, Breathe, and Think” app.

Another thing I’d like to really hit on is to wake up regularly–as in, waking up at the same time every day. I actually did this last spring, but then, summer came.

2. 7:15AM-7:45AM
Shower and Change

3. 7:45AM-10:00 (Except Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)
Review and Read/Gym/Yoga

7:45AM-9:20AM (Tuesday and Thursday)
Review and Read, Coffee

7:45AM-10:00AM (Friday)
Yoga: Yes, I am taking yoga this semester, and hoping to maintain a habit. I might change my schedule to do yoga after meditating after knowing and mastering some of the postures.

4. 10:00AM-10:20AM (Except Tuesday and Thursday)
Designated time for coffee (by scientific research)

5. Classes
10:20-12:30 (MWF)
9:35-12:30 (T/Th)

6. Lunch
12:30- 1:45

7. Research/Studying

8. Dinner
7:30-8:45 (Except Mondays and whenever I work))

9. Free time
’til 10:00

10. Reading

11. Lights off
10:30 PM

What prompted me to do this whole routine thing is that I felt the need for structure, a routine of some sort. Specifically, morning routine. Does anyone ever feel that life is easier when you have your own routine (if you’ve tried to have one)? I do. I would not have to worry about anything to do the following day; I’ll just be wake up, change, then coffee. Anxiety and indecisiveness, two of my most negative traits, do not have to happen so early in the day involving such little things as what to have for breakfast (actually, I have been skipping breakfast since summer, but that’s another story).

Just a week ago, I have found this video about how we identify ourselves with our routines and how those routines, as the description says, “give us as sense of ownership.”

Although doing a morning routine looks easy, it’s not. The times, especially, will be hard to master, since I might be somewhere else sometimes and I might not be able to sleep until midnight, etc. It’s also for this semester, so I’d have to change it, as life changes.


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