There has been a lot of times I was distracted and I was unaware of it. And sometimes this can last an hour to a few days. Just this weekend I have been contemplating of switching my career path to French–as I said yesterday, I have a lot of space to do a French major, and I can take those to grad school, where I might do a Masters/PhD in French Literature. It’s all plausible. But that, I didn’t know, was a major life decision. It took a few people to make me come to my senses. That I need to go to sleep. I need some rest. This is why we need people, friends, acquaintances even.

But what if I went there? What if I really did quit all of my psychology classes and got a PhD in French and not in Psychology?

Well, I just thought of this yesterday: yes I would be taking the road less traveled, but I would be taking a road I’d more likely to travel to. Robert Frost was not that clear about this. For me, yes, I do love French, I can devote a life studying French literature, yet that’s always it. I’d be good at it (let’s just say, but not with certainty), but I probably would be  a less well-rounded person than I would be. If I quit psychology, it would mean that I would not go back to it. It would mean that I am done with psychology and other things: I’m doing this my way, and I’m doing this the easy way. Has anyone ever thought of this? Doing things the easy way? That’s the main problem with this whole thing. It’s a form of instant gratification!

However, I will be continuing to pursue a knowledge in French language, culture, and literature for the next century or so, maybe even learn another language. We don’t know, we don’t know.


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