I’ve only had one person whom I’ve called a mentor officially, but to say that kind of ‘mentor‘ is  a bit of an overstatement. If a ‘great lesson’ is to be had through that person to be my mentor, then no, I’ve never really had a mentor. My mother has always said that I like working independently, that I didn’t go out much as a child, and that I’m just so quiet. I honestly admit that I am a slow person–sometimes I just don’t get things, but I do pick them up and I think about things a lot. I just read a book a few weeks ago, which I’ve already read a couple of times and even written about in my first old high school journal, and I didn’t realize how much  that book had impacted me until I read that journal a couple of weeks ago. I was identifying with the character in the story, and I still am. I was like “This author gets me.” But anyway, back to the topic, if there were no pre-qualifiers and anything goes, a mentor? I guess it would be my small group leader since I began college. I don’t have a great lesson from him, but he’s just become  probably my first role model.


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