Whatever Wednesday

I was reading an article this morning about what it’s like to be poor in Ivy League colleges. I felt what the students are struggling: my mother is a Kindergarten teacher while my dad, well, I don’t really know what he does. He’s more like a custodian, but not in the janitor-uniform kind-of-sense. But I mean, a custodian. He has the keys (he’s a keyholder), he takes care of the garden (he’s a gardener), and he pretty much has a right to be anywhere in the school. Honestly, had I applied and been accepted to Harvard or any Ivy League college four years ago, I wouldn’t be paying tuition.

I consider it luck that I’m in college right now. And I do feel sense of entitlement (in regards to the research that was mentioned in the middle of the article), since I went to a pretty elitist public school (yes, elitist! yes, public school! and yes, Dunning-Krugger effect!) On the other hand, kids are not lucky. They worked hard for their entrance to a big, elite private college. So I guess it’s just right that I’m paying more because I don’t feel like I’ve earned to be in college.